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“Tracey has an energy that is infectious and a determination that can not be ignored. Her songs speak from the bottom of her soul and reflect the sound and scenery of her West Australian roots with an elegance that is unique.”  Shaun Kirk

“Always incredible when a woman straddles the Blues, whilst allowing her authentic self to shine through and give it her own. Tracey has grown into her skin and it makes for a great musical treat. She's got what it takes!”  Phaedra Watts, Festival Director, Nannup Music Festival

“There’s something undeniably captivating about the music of Tracey Barnett. Over the past number of years, the Bridgetown-based artist has crafted a sound that feels simultaneously grounded and dynamic; it’s rooted in acoustic sounds, but energetically, reaches into far wider territories.” Happy Mag

"Her fluent guitar playing interspersed with the odd taste of the harmonica and her beautiful melodic soulful voice was brilliantly uplifting. Tracey managed to captivate the audience and there was not a single foot in the house that wasn’t tapping to the earthy flowing rhythms."

Barry Benfell, South West Blues Club

Bridgetown is Western Australia's spiritual home of blues and roots, so it is no surprise that resident singer-songwriter Tracey Barnett has that music in her soul. Fusing traditional blues and country elements with modern rock rhythms, Barnett's music has taken her across Australia, earning her a WAM Award, chart success, and airtime on Triple J, ABC and community radio.

First making her presence felt in 2010, Barnett debuted with The First Of Many – a promising EP that introduced her authentic, heartfelt style. By 2013 her work was becoming more eclectic, and she captured a darker shade of her songwriting on the Blooming EP. Then, in 2017, Barnett reached the artistic milestone of a full-length album with the triumphant Heart, Soul, Feeling. Displaying more grit – lyrically and sonically –  the album proved that Barnett's songwriting was maturing and had reached a place unrestrained by convention.


Its follow-up Tracey's second album 'Eyes Forward'  has spawned three successful singles – Gotta Get Out, Eyes Forward and Darkness In The Light – each nominated for a WAM Song Of The Year Award. Produced by James Newhouse, the album shows off Barnett's ever-evolving songwriting, singing and guitar playing... not to mention the staggering arsenal she wields as a player (guitar, lap steel, resonator, banjo, harmonica, Hammond organ and percussion, thank you very much).


Released on August 20th 2021, Eyes Forward's fourth single – Freedom – is what Barnett half-jokingly refers to as a 'therapy song'... something that she created to exorcise a demon within herself. She explains, “I wrote Freedom as a message to a part of myself I was trying to let go of. I needed to find a sense of freedom and stop being held back.” This honesty and catharsis is only part of what gives the song  its power... with its stomping rhythms and soaring vocals, Freedom is a barn-burning slice of the blues, itching to be unleashed on a live audience.


A multi-instrumentalist with powerful stage presence, Barnett is best witnessed in concert. Throughout her career she has made the conscious decision to remain solo, and as a result has created a closeness between her and her audience. This connection, along with her sheer instinct for songwriting, is what makes Tracey Barnett one the most exciting modern blues artists in Australia.





A little history ...

Tracey started out as a guitarist in Alternative Rock and Metal bands during high school. Her first all girl rock band 'Slived', were the first all girl band to win Gozzy Rock. They recorded and EP but sadly disbanded shorty after as they were living too far apart and didn't even have their driver's licenses yet! 

Tracey received a shake up after another band went on hiatus when the 14 year old drummer was admitted into rehab for drug addiction. She had a glimpse of her future and started to doubt the path she was on. It was then that Tracey feared there was no future for her in music full time. She graduated from senior high school with a music award in hand, a solo self recorded album under the name 'Stall' and her first spin on Triple J of a riff she'd submitted into a competition to win a Gibson Les Paul signed by one of her idols, Adam Jones from TOOL. She was the only female to have her track played on air for the competition.  

After school Tracey did like many and worked in retail to afford a Diploma for a job that she felt wasn't her calling, but was secure, entered the workforce, but never lost her passion for music. In 2007 a friend persuaded her to busk on the street of the Blues at Bridgetown Festival and was spotted by a Margaret River based musician whom invited her to open for some of his shows throughout the South West and Peel Regions of Western Australia.


News of Tracey's talent quickly spread and her gigging schedule was soon a struggle to maintain along with full time work. In March 2012 Tracey has a serious horse riding accident which saw her laid up for over a month. In that time her priorities shifted realising that life is too short not to be doing what you love. She sold the business she was running to start music full time and hasn't looked back.





Nominee 2021 West Australian Blues/Roots Song of the Year

Nominee 2020 West Australian Blues/Roots Song of the Year

Nominee 2020 West Australian Act Belong Commit Song of the Year

Nominee 2019 West Australian Music Industry Awards 'Best Regional Act'

Finalist 2019 Gympie Muster Talent Search

Winner 2018 West Australian Music Industry Awards 'Best Regional Act'

Nominee 2017-2018 West Australian Blues/Roots Song of the Year

Finalist 2018 West Australian Country Music Awards 'Album of the Year'

Nominee 2017 WAMAwards Best Regional Act of the Year

Nominee 2017 WAMAwards Best Blues/Roots Act of the Year

Winner 2016 Lancelin Buskers Festival Open Woman's Division

Nominee 2016 West Australian Blues/Roots Song of the Year

Finalist 2016 Boyup Brook Country Music Video Clip of the Year Awards

Finalist 2013 MusicOz Australian Independent Music Awards

Nominee 2013 West Australian Regional Song of the Year

Winner Blues at Bridgetown '15 mins of fame' 2012

Nominee 2011 West Australian Blues and Roots Song of the Year

Nominee 2011 West Australian Country Song of the Year

2nd in the South West Heat of the Next Big Thing Competition 2009


Blues at Bridgetown Festival (Bridgetown WA) 2021

Toodyay Music Festival (Toodyay WA) 2021

Covid Blues at Bridgetown (Bridgetown WA) 2020

Blues at Bridgetown Festival (Bridgetown WA) 2019

WAM Fest (Perth WA) 2019

Strings Attached WA Guitar Festival (Margaret River WA) 2019

Gympie Music Muster (Gympie, QLD) 2019

Nannup Music Festival (Nannup, WA) 2019

Blues at Bridgetown Festival (Bridgetown WA) 2018

Fairbridge Festival (Pinjarra WA) 2018

Blues at Bridgetown Festival (Bridgetown WA) 2017

WAM Festival (Perth, WA) 2017

Derby Boab Festival Closing Concert (Derby WA) 2017

Bodd Music Festival (Boddington, WA) 2017

Blues at Bridgetown Festival (Bridgetown, WA) 2016

Lancelin Buskers Festival (Lancelin, WA) 2016

Derby Boab Festival 'Long Table Dinner' (Derby, WA) 2016

Nukara Music Festival (Geraldton, WA) 2016

Blues at Bridgetown Festival (Bridgetown, WA) 2015

Derby Boab Festival Closing Concert (Derby, WA) 2015

Cherry Harmony Festival (Manjimup, WA) 2014

Blues at Bridgetown Festival (Bridgetown, WA) 2014

Saltwater Music Festival (Broome, WA) 2014

Nukara Music Festival (Geraldton, WA) 2014

Nannup Music Festival (Nannup, WA) 2014

Boyup Brook Country Music Festival (Boyup Brook, WA) 2014

Cherry Harmony Festival (Manjimup, WA) 2013

WAM Festival (Perth, WA) 2013

Blues at Bridgetown (Bridgetown, WA) 2013

Bridgetown Regional Winter Blues Festival (Bridgetown, WA) 2013

Blues at Bridgetown (Bridgetown, WA) 2012

Boyup Brook Country Music Festival (Boyup Brook, WA) 2012

Blues at Bridgetown (Bridgetown, WA) 2011

Nannup Music Festival (Nannup, WA) 2010

Blues at Bridgetown (Bridgetown, WA) 2010

Blues at Bridgetown (Bridgetown, WA) 2009


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